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Our Focus:

At Brush Country Chamber, we are steadfast in our dedication to advancing the economic landscape of our region. Our core pillars revolve around:


We serve as the assertive voice advocating for policies and initiatives that stimulate growth, promote a conducive business environment, and drive prosperity for businesses and residents alike.

Economic Development:

Our focus is on fostering sustainable economic development by catalyzing innovation, supporting small businesses, and facilitating strategic partnerships that fuel growth opportunities.

Business Retention and Attraction:

We are committed to not just attracting new businesses but also nurturing the growth of existing ones. Our efforts are aimed at retaining thriving enterprises while actively inviting new ventures to our flourishing community.

Serving the Surrounding Area:

Embracing the expansive territory of the Eagle Ford Shale region, we strive to be the centralized platform that unites businesses, stakeholders, and communities across the area, driving collective progress and prosperity.

Our Commitment:

Brush Country Chamber is more than an entity; it's a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to empowering businesses, fostering collaboration, and creating an environment where innovation thrives. We stand as the beacon of progress, facilitating connections, and initiatives that drive sustainable growth.

Formerly known as the Cotulla La Salle County Chamber of Commerce, the newly rebranded Brush Country Chamber of Commerce emerges with a revitalized vision and a commitment to championing advocacy, driving economic development, fostering business retention and attraction, all while serving as a unifying force for the vibrant surrounding areas, including the expansive Eagle Ford Shale region.

About Brush Country Chamber of Commerce

“The Brush Country Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to fostering economic development, promoting local businesses, and enriching the community through collaboration, advocacy, and innovative initiatives.” 

Mission Statement

- Collaboration: Working together with stakeholders to achieve common goals. 

- Integrity: Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all endeavors. 

- Community Engagement: Engaging and supporting the local community’s growth and well-being. 

Core Values

“To be the driving force behind sustainable economic growth, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for generations to come.” 

Vision Statement

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